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Orals Notes I | Orals Notes II |Misc topics Ch 1 - 44 | Contingencies | ROR Presentations |
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>> Notes for Oral examinations broadly based on the prescribed syllabus by the MCA. Each rank has an individual section allocated for it. Also contained within are general topics which are currently in vogue. A section on ROR and contingencies is repeated in each rank.

>> SQA examination has two sections, navigation and stability. Most of the navigation & stability question papers have been solved. The numericals and the plotting sheets have been seperated from the narrative type questions. Further notes for both section have also been compiled by students in various colleges and posted.

>> A database of maritime links has been compiled. We will keep adding to the list as it is very useful for researching maritime topics for projects and courseworks.

>> A spreadsheet exchange has been set up for our friends to download/post any material they feel is relevant to maritime studies or shipboard operations.

>> A section of further studies has been added recently. This is owing to a growing number of queries from friends who want alternate qualifications or who intend to work ashore in the maritime related fields.


About Us

Capt. K.H.Doctor : I have been sailing on Bulkers/LPG/VLCC's . I also have a masters in finance from the CASS business school and I am currently pursuing a PhD. (Please see the section marked further studies). Since I am not sailing or actively involved in training or operations, I invite current students to update or add to the contents out of interest. I am available on Orkut or preferably facebook or by e-mail so please do drop me a line.

Mail me for a copy of my C.V, research proposal and areas of academic interest.

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Capt. K.H. Doctor

e-mail : mahzarine@yahoo.com

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